5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC System

Taking preventive measures can reduce the chances of an early breakdown or massive repair concerns. The more you take care of the HVAC system, the longer it will run, even longer than its warranty period. South County Air Services experts have made a list of all the necessary measures to use in your everyday life.

Tips That Every HVAC Owner Must Include In Their Routine!


  • All the repairs costs will go away if you call tune-up services twice a year.

People never understand the significance of the yearly tune-up and maintenance services. Almost all the HVAC service mission teams in Viejo offer these services at good and reasonable prices. You spend a decent amount of money on these services. You will get free of all the issues with massive expenses.

These services follow a check-up chore routine for the HVAC system. A tune-up service inspects all the components and takes immediate action on faulty ones. A maintenance service evaluates the system condition and increases HVAC’s efficiency.

Experts recommend the owners benefit from these services twice a year. It should be called once when the season begins and is over.

  • Never think about replacing the air filter; do it!

An air filter is a passage through which air enters from the outside environment into our houses. If the air filter in the HVAC system is old and dusty, the quality of air coming into your house will decrease eventually.

Due to a damaged air filter, small impurities like dried leaves and paper balls get inside the HVAC system. These things freely run inside the unit and interfere with the HVAC system.

Changing the air filter every time before the season starts is good for the HVAC system’s health.

  • Auto mode focuses on optimized air processing

You might have noticed a switch on the thermostat that turns between on, auto, and off modes. It is the fan setting, and it is best to keep it in auto mode every time. Auto mode means the fan will run till the desired temperature is achieved, and after that, it is switched off immediately, whereas on mode commands the fan to run all the time until the HVAC system is switched off.

  • Appropriate insulation can increase efficiency and safety!

There is a slight chance that the processed air tries to escape into the environment as it goes through the ducts to reach the residence. Insulation around the ducts helps the processed air to reach the interiors securely.

Insulation will also keep all the dangers of gas leaking away. Call the air duct cleaning near me for quick cleaning and cover the ducts with a layer of insulation.

  • Keep a check on the condenser in the outside HVAC unit

A condenser is the part of the outside AC unit that has coils on it. A condenser can get heavily damaged when the storm winds bring debris. Keep a check on the condenser condition for any damage signs.

The problems like damaged compressor and faulty blower motor start with a small neglected issue. Never let a small issue turn into a massive one in a period. Call us for Tune-up, maintenance and other services your little efforts toward your HVAC system can keep all the problems at bay.