How Many Times Should an Air Conditioner Cycle Per Hour?

It might be challenging to maintain your HVAC systems. You might not even be aware of an issue if you recently installed a new system. Our Air conditioning repair services in Irvine, CA, can help address various HVAC systems problems. AC cycles can be a reliable sign of how well-maintained your system is. The period the air conditioner runs to cool your house is called an air conditioning cycle. 

What Is Short Cycling?

How long AC should be off between cycles can only be answered by comprehending both short cycles. You know there’s a problem with your air conditioner when the compressor keeps turning on and off in less than ten minutes. A cycle should last between 15 and 20 minutes, according to experts. If the cooling time is less than 7 minutes, it is cause for alarm.

The Best Way To Identify And Address Short-Cycling

Once you properly understand short cycling, it’s easy to look for the possible reasons for it and consult for professional help. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to stop your air conditioner from short cycling:

  • Check the Air Filter Regularly

A blocked air filter can contribute to various AC problems. If your air filter is filled with dust and dirt, it’s better to examine and replace it. Consult our AC replacement expert in Irvine, CA, to resolve this issue.

  • Check the Location of your Thermostat

It is advantageous to have your thermostat positioned on the interior wall of your home in a central location. Ensure it isn’t too close to the return air register to prevent your thermostat from malfunctioning from the influx of cool air and giving inaccurate readings.

  • Frequently Verify the Refrigerant Level

Get an appointment for a qualified expert to check the levels and, if necessary, add more refrigerant to avoid further problems. Our HVAC expert will look for any leaks in the air conditioning system during air conditioning repair in Irvine, CA, and assist you in taking the right action when needed.

  • Check the Low-Pressure Control

After performing all the abovementioned checks, if you are still experiencing short-cycling issues, you should have your HVAC specialist replace this component with a new one.

  • Look into the Compressor

It’s a good idea to have your HVAC specialist inspect and, if necessary, replace the compressor, as a malfunctioning compressor may also display short-cycling signs.

Don’t neglect a broken air conditioner. To get quick and simple AC maintenance services, contact our experts. They can spot minor and rectify problems like a blocked filter or dirty coils that may go undetected but eventually result in serious harm.

To Sum Up

Most short-cycling concerns can be avoided with routine maintenance. If an oversized air conditioner is the cause of your short-cycling issues, you should consider replacing it with one that correctly fits the actual AC replacement in Irvine, CA, for your home.

Contact South County Air Services professionals to solve your short-cycling issues. For any inquiry related to HVAC maintenance, call for assistance from a qualified expert, and get in touch with us by calling (949) 933-9130.