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Furnace Repair In Irvine, CA and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Repair

When it comes to furnace repairs it can be stressful for homeowners to find reliable and professional companies that can repair furnaces and have all parts in stock at the same time. Call us Today for Furnace Repair In Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, CA, and Surrounding Areas.

The furnace is the brain of the HVAC and it can give homeowners a difficult time. Maintaining service air handlers or furnaces can increase efficiency and have your equipment working properly.

Furnaces have several parts and safety elements such as Induce fan motor, pressure switch, Gas valve, Burners, Flame sensor, Limit switch, Blower fan motor, Run capacitor , Roll out switch, Electronic control board. Each one of these parts are very important to make your furnace run safely and smoothly.

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Heat Exchanger (Firebox)

By definition a heat exchanger will transfer heat to a cooler medium. This transfer is based on the Laws of Thermodynamics, in which heat will automatically transfer from an object with the higher temperature to an object with the lower temperature. The heat of an object is measured by the activity of its atoms. The atoms in a hot object move more rapidly than atoms in a cold object.
Most important element on furnace called firebox which is holding fire when is shooting from burners. 

Firebox has Primary and secondary section and most likely on secondary Heat exchanger we see combustion activity and harmful gases going out. Thanks to new Technology and new furnaces they have a Motor that called induce fan draft which is pulling all harmful gases from combustion and pushing it out through to vent pipe.

Crack Firebox and Safety

To ensure that the heat exchanger has a long and efficient life, it must operate within the engineering parameters of the manufacturer. If the return air temperatures are too cool, or the temperature rises above the maximum allowed temperature, the heat exchanger can be damaged. During your annual furnace tune up, these temperatures should be checked.
Return air temperatures below 60° F will cause the combustion gases to rapidly condense and cause a water problem in the heat exchanger. If the heat exchanger is uncoated mild carbon steel, the water will cause rusting, and eventually cracks and holes. In addition to the inefficiency caused by low return air temperatures, the resulting water can lead to complete failure and emissions of carbon monoxide into the home.

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South County Air Services are a qualified company for checking fireboxes and insuring all the safety in your furnace. Our well train technicians have gone through several courses, which are updated every year with all safety in the newest models.

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