Furnace Maintenance In Irvine, CA

Furnace Maintenance In Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, CA, And Surrounding Areas

Furnace maintenance Task/ checklist

  •  Air Filter check
  •  Thermostat calibration
  • Temperature rise (every furnace is set up for different temperature rise and very important to check it )
  • Gas valve check(manometer)
  • Check for harmful gases such as carbon Monoxide
  • Check induce fan draft
  • Check burners assembly and removing it and dust off burners Office.
  • Check limits switch and roll out switch to make sure they are responding to over heat and guaranty homeowner safety
  • Check blower fan motor amp draw
  • Remove Entire blower assembly and clean blower housing and blower motor
  • Check Air Duct ( Make sure no air leak or pinch on ductwork)
  • Heat exchanger safety inspection ( visual check or smoke check ) Sometimes it is not possible to test a firebox with this two method and it needs to pull out and check for any hot spot or overheat. Crack on the firebox is not repairable and homeowner needs to replace firebox to replace entire furnace. 
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