Air Duct Cleaning in Irvine, CA

Air Duct Cleaning in Irvine, CA and Surrounding Areas

Various states have enacted stay-at-home orders in the fight against COVID-19. Have you considered the safety of your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with all this extra time at home? Indoor air pollution is one of America’s top four environmental dangers, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Maintaining your air ducts regularly not only helps to prevent COVID-19 from spreading but also protects you and your family from other bacteria, viruses, and pollutants.

Services Provided By South County Air Services

For Air duct cleaning services to make your house’s internal environment comfortable, search for air duct cleaning near me and hire the best professional services. Services provided by South County are listed below-

1. The Inspection Methodology

A competent technician will not go into your ductwork blindly. Experts will do an initial examination to determine what type of cleaning would be most helpful and whether any poisonous or dangerous items, such as asbestos or mold need to be treated. A duct cleaning service would certainly do more harm than good if they didn’t do a thorough examination, dispersing dangerous material into your air.

2. Taking Care of all of the Elements

Various HVAC system components will be addressed and serviced by your South County specialist all through the cleaning procedure, which includes:

  • Ducts for supply and return
  • Air Duct Cleaning in Irvine, CA
  • Coils for heating and cooling
  • Grilles and diffusers
  • Pans for drips
  • Housing and motor for the fan
  • Housing for the air handling unit

3. The Instruments and How They are Employed

South County technicians use brushes, whips, and skipper balls to remove dust and dirt from the air ducts. On fiberglass or fiberglass-lined ducts, you should use only soft-bristled brushes. A relatively high air (high-efficiency particulate) vacuum or a vacuum that ejects particles outside the home or building is then used to remove the debris.

4. Checking for Quality

South County professional service includes a final inspection to ensure that the air duct system has not been harmed and that any access holes utilized during the cleaning process have been resealed. We’ll make sure your system is in good working order and that there’s no loose material strewn about the house. You may confirm that you completed your cleaning job and that the service delivered to you was what we promised you by using the quality checklist provided below.

Benefits Of Timely Cleaning Air Duct

Lower energy expenses and more efficient temperature management throughout your home are possible after air duct cleaning. You may also notice health advantages such as improved respiration, focus, and fewer headaches or dizzy spells. Due to loosened debris and pollutants in your air system, we understand that an unfinished job can be more dangerous than no servicing at all. You must do your cleaning service correctly and completely.

Every day, the ductwork in your house or office transports millions of visible and invisible pollutants and particles through the air. Air duct cleaning is necessary for enhancing and maintaining your indoor air quality as your system becomes dirtier with time and use. The HVAC specialists at South County are well-versed in the necessity and mechanics of comprehensive and frequent air duct cleaning. Put our local professionals to work on cleaning the air ducts in your homes and businesses right now!

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