How To Choose A Central Air Conditioner For Your Home?

Central air conditioners are the oldest HVAC systems that provide comfort in residential and commercial spaces. New technologies have emerged in the market because the industry has been changing and progressing to become the best.

Central air conditioning units are the best option to provide comfort to massive residences or commercial plots. So, if you are looking for a central air conditioning installation in Irvine, CA, do you know how to buy an efficient unit?

How To Decide What AC Unit You Should Buy?

Here are some tips from the experts that will help you decide how to make the best out of your investment:

Think About What You Would Like Your Central Air Conditioner to Look Like

There are two types of central AC systems that have different structures. They are:

Split System

In the split AC system, there is an outdoor unit that contains the compressor and condenser coils. Along with the outdoor unit, there is an indoor unit that contains the furnace or the air handler. According to the AC replacement in Irvine, CA, a split system is an economical option if the space is well developed.

Packaged Unit

All the vital parts of an air conditioning system are included and connected inside one metallic cabinet. You can install the big cabinet on a concrete slab near the house or the plot’s roof. The system circulates and delivers cool and chilling air with the help of a return and supply duct system.

Think What Tonnage of AC System Will Suffice the Needs

People think buying a massive size AC system will do the job, but that is not the case. Buying a massive AC system will not resolve your problem, but purchasing a correct size AC system will solve all the issues.

Cooling capacity is the amount of energy required to eliminate the heat from the indoor air. As per air conditioning installation in Irvine, CA, several BTU calculators are available to find the capacity.

Energy Efficiency and SEER Rating are Essential Factors to Consider in the Present World

An AC system with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) will help you save your fortune by spending on additional energy bills.

The cost of the system increases as the SEER rating increases, but according to the AC replacement in Irvine, CA, you get tax rebates in higher energy-efficient models.

Do Not Overlook Your Budget in Finding the Best System

Researching about the AC system will help you find the estimated cost you have to invest in the new AC system. Setting a budget will help you find the best alternative in the market.


Experts recommend you invest in HVAC systems with variable-speed blowers because they operate without making much noise. There are noiseless blower fans HVAC, and you can find an efficient system that meets all your requirements when you contact air conditioning installation in Irvine, CA.

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