How Many Times Should I Replace My Furnace Filter?

Changing your air filter on a routine basis is among the most important things you can do on your own to take better care of your HVAC system. It keeps everything running smoothly while also lowering your energy bills. Unfortunately, several homeowners overlook this task for months, resulting in higher electricity bills and potential maintenance issues.

However, how often should the air filter of your furnace get replaced? Well, that is debatable. However, according to various HVAC experts, you must call professionals for maintenance or furnace repair in Mission Viejo every six months.

Factors to Consider While Replacing Your Furnace Filter

Mentioned hereunder are some top factors to consider when analyzing when to go for a furnace replacement.

  • Pets

If you have a furry pet dog or cat at your place, your furnace air filter’s life will get reduced. Hence, you must change your furnace filter every two months for a one or two-inch filter, four months for a four-inch filtration system, and six months for a five-inch filter if you have one animal at home. Also, if you have various animals, you should change a one or two-inch filter once a month, a four-inch filter twice a month, and a five-inch filter three times a month.

  • People Who Smoke

If you are a smoker or have people in your family who smoke, you will need to replace your furnace filter more often than non-smokers. Apart from this, if only one person smokes at your place, you can get away with replacing your furnace air filter every three months. However, if you have more than one smoker at your home, you might need to get your furnace air filter changed every month.

  • Thermostat Fan

The frequency with which your heater fan runs will determine how frequently you need to substitute your filter. If your thermostat fan is constantly on, you’ll need to alter your filter every month; if it’s only on occasion, you’ll need to change it every two months; and if it’s never on, you’ll need to adjust it every three months.

  • Dirt particles

Another component that can reduce the life of your furnace filter is excessive dust. Also, if you reside in a dusty, grimy environment, you should consider replacing your furnace air filter every three weeks to ensure you breathe fresh air.

  • Allergies

If anyone in your family is prone to dust or any other allergies, they will benefit from more frequent furnace air filter replacements. A superior quality filter will be more expensive, but it will be more successful in reducing allergens.

Keeping track of the factors that influence indoor air quality is an excellent way to determine how frequently your furnace air filters need to get replaced. Maintaining new filters in your heating system will help ensure that it operates efficiently and that the atmosphere you and your family breathe is as clean as possible.

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