Air Duct Sealing – Your Ducts Shouldn’t Waste Your Money

You could have one of the best HVAC units coupled with an air-tight, well-insulated home; however, you still would have to pay more than necessary bills if your AC duct is leaking or blocked. According to researchers, about 20-30% of the air that moves around your ducts is lost due to such leaks and poor connections, indicating the need for the next thing you should have on your checklist – Air Duct Cleaning Services Near Me.

Why Are Your Ducts Leaking?

“Wear and Tear” is an issue faced by almost every object and system, and your air duct is no exception. By constantly encountering harsh weather conditions and uncertainties in the atmosphere, the original seals become weathered and worn, resulting in decreased efficiency and unreasonably high bills. Your ducts shouldn’t waste your money, and air duct cleaning services near me should be your immediate resort.

When is the Right Time to Seal the Ducts?

More than often, we blame the easily noticeable things for problems they are not responsible for when the culprit could be hidden and difficult to be seen by our eyes. When you are experiencing the issues mentioned below, know that your ducts are responsible for the discomfort –

  • Sudden Increase in Bills

When your HVAC system compensates for the air lost through the duct leaks, there is an increase in the strain on its components that results in higher utility bills.

  • Decreased Comfort

Balance is the key to life, and without the optimum balance and regulation in the cooling system, bearing a too warm or too cool home could become bothersome.

  • The dusty atmosphere in the House

As the ducts run through unconditioned areas with pressure differentials, there are chances that dirty air can circulate in your home via them if there is a leak.

What Are The Advantages of Sealing Your Air Ducts?

Prevention is better than cure, and air duct sealing is the right preventative measure that can save you from an array of inconveniences –

  • Safety First

Leaky ductwork can be an invitation to combustion gases to enter your house. Sealing the leaks can minimize the risk immediately while also preventing any future mishap.

  • Reduced Utility Bills

With sealed air ducts, less air would be lost midway, decreasing the pressure on the cooling system. This calls for reduced utility bills!

  • More Comfort

With the proper regulation of air, your house would never be too warm or too cool. South Country Air Services can help you make your life more comfortable.

  • Indoor Air Quality at its Best

When there are leaks in your ducts, dust particles, garden chemicals, and different pollutants may enter your home. With sealed air ducts, that is no longer a worry!

Let South Country Air Services Help You Out!

With South Country Air Services to the rescue, you no longer have to worry about air duct sealing at your home. Our expertise in AC Services, installation, repair, and in the Irvine community, along with over 20 years of expertise, prove to be extremely valuable.

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