Why Is Your AC Running But Not Cooling?

Temperatures are on the rise every day as spring is almost over. In such times, if your AC is not cooling efficiently, it causes trouble for your home. Your AC may be running, but it still may not be cooling as you want it.
Do not worry. It is a common problem. There can be many reasons for this. Here are some of the most common reasons why your AC is running but cooling your home enough:

  • Leaky Ducts

Leakage in ducts is a major yet common reason that decreases the overall efficiency of your AC. Your unit is cooling properly, but the condensed air leaks into the walls through holes and gaps. So, your system will have to work harder to cool the house.

It will take a toll on your electricity bill if not solved quickly. If you live in Long Beach, you may need to immediately look for AC repair in Long Beach in case of leaky ducts.

  • The Wrong Tonnage Of The AC

Buying a small AC for a big house is wrong, as it will not cool the whole home efficiently. Similarly, buying a large AC for a small house is wrong as it is not properly fit and could cause higher energy bills.

  • Missing Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing are crucial parts of keeping your AC in its best possible condition. Through regular maintenance, your technician can grasp and solve the minor issues present in your system. These minor issues can take serious forms in the future and cause a total breakdown of your unit.

  • Increased Humidity Levels

A bad ventilation network, high outdoor humidity levels, and blocked air filters may be the reasons why your AC is not dehumidifying as it cools the indoor air. High indoor humidity levels can also cause mold and fungus growth in the unit.

Also, the hot air present in your attic must be vented out through a proper ventilation system. If not, then that warm air can spread throughout the house and reduce the unit’s efficiency. Also, if your home is not insulated properly like your windows and doors have small gaps through which cool air can seep out of the house, the unit will be working well, yet the home will not be cool enough.

  • Clogged Outdoor Unit

An owner should take as much care of the outside unit as the indoor unit. If the outside unit is clogged with dust and debris, you need to take the fan out and clean it. If you cannot clean it, call in for an AC repair in Irvine, CA, for professional cleaning.

  • Old Unit

Your unit may be really old if it is not cooling even after many repairs and services. At that point, it may be time to look into a replacement.

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