Why Is Your AC Compressor Not Turning On?

The compressor serves as the pump, which circulates refrigerant throughout the system producing cool air. However, the compressor can’t last a lifetime without problems. However, some issues are preventable if you know the correct handling.

All homeowners should schedule a comprehensive inspection and tune-up for the ACs to avoid possible maintenance issues. Be realistic and hire professionals from AC repair in Mission Viejo to keep your AC trouble-free.

Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Stopped Working

The majority of sounds that you hear coming from your AC are produced by the compressor. Therefore, if you sense no function and no sound from your AC, treat it as an emergency and call professionals to fix it.

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Dirty Air Filters

In the case of compressor issues, remember to check the air filters first. If these filters are clogged with dust, dirt, and debris, your AC will stop cooling. The evaporator coil will freeze, leaking the refrigerant and damaging your AC unit.

Clogged Condenser Coil

The buildup on the condenser coil makes it difficult to pass the heat since it acts as an insulator. Thus, after finding no way to release the heat, the refrigerant pressure rises in the coil to an extent where the line is broken. The system shuts off by the high-pressure switch.

Insufficient Refrigerants

No matter if the amount of refrigerant in your system is low or high, your AC compressor will not turn on if it is incorrect. Lesser refrigerant results from a leak, while the extra amount is due to incorrect charging. For these issues, call a technician immediately.

Faulty Capacitor

The capacitors enable your compressors to operate, and in case of defective units, the system may cease function due to electrical surges. Since it is easy and inexpensive to find and replace a capacitor, the danger of electrical shock stays. Contact an HVAC contractor who knows how to deal with electrical circuits.

Problematic Thermostat

Many times, similar compressor issues are caused by a faulty thermostat. It does not give a cooling signal to the AC and leads to a shutdown. Therefore, let the thermostat measure the temperatures correctly and notify you in case of an issue. In the case of a battery-operated thermostat, try changing the battery and then do the same with the settings.

Clashing Wiring

If you are a homeowner, we do not advise you to do any electrical repairs in your home. Most compressor issues are electrical in origin, making it dangerous to go unattended. Leave these risks to a skilled technician and refrain from causing an accident.

Insufficient Lubrication

A compressor is composed of metallic parts that deal with electricity. Therefore, apply oil for lubrication and smooth movements to avoid grinding and squeaking of internal components while your AC operates.

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