Why Does Your Furnace Filter Get Dirty So Fast?

One of the most vital aspects of your HVAC system is the furnace filter. Enabling your filter to become too dirty can cause your furnace to short cycle or your air conditioner to freeze. The heater filter not only reduces dirt particles in the air but also protects all of the crucial parts of your furnace and air conditioner. Based on your living situation and home, you may need to call experts for maintenance and heating repair in Irvine, CA, to change your furnace filter more commonly than others.

Why Does A Filter Gets Clogged?

Here are a few things to take notice of if your heater filter is getting dirty quicker than anticipated –

  • Dirt Particles in The Home

Thorough maintenance and dusting of your home is an excellent way to stretch the life of your furnace purifiers. It is advisable that you dust and clean your home at least once a week to lower the total dust level. that you have your rugs skillfully cleaned at least once a year because they can clean more than a regular vacuum.

  • The Fan Remains Set to On Rather Than Auto Mode

This option can be found- on your thermostat. If you have your furnace’s blower set to on, it will remain operational until you turn it off at the thermostat. Some people would prefer this setting because it filters the air in the home and aids in air re-circulation. When you set your blower to Auto, it will only operate when your air conditioning system or heating system is cooling or heating your home.

  • Filters With an Elevated MERV Rating

HEPA filters are another name for these types of filters. These high-performance filters can trap a massive amount of material as small as a few nanometers. If you have a high-quality HEPA filter, you may notice that it gets dirty faster than regular filters because it filters several particles in the atmosphere. It is more of a tit for tat situation, as these types of filters provide outstanding service by meticulously cleaning the air in your home.

  • Pet Hair Issues

If you have a few beloved pets in your home, this could be the cause of rapidly deteriorating furnace filters. When your pet scatters, the hair is sucked into the exchange air vents and reinjected back to the furnace, where it eventually clogs the furnace filter. Cleaning routinely will undoubtedly help with this problem.

  • Leaking Ductwork

If you have gaps in your ventilation ducts in un manifested spaces (i.e. attics, basement, etc.), this could potentially cause filter problems. Air and soot from these impermanent spaces can easily get absorbed into the air ducts.

According to a survey, an average house loses 20-30% of its air through conduit leaks and faulty duct connections. If you leave these untreated, they will not only kill your heater filter quickly but will also lead to higher energy bills.

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