Why Do Weird Smells Come From ACs?

Air conditioners are saviors in summer times. If you don’t take care of your AC, it will eventually develop dirt and can lead to foul smells coming out. Also, clean ACs reduce the risk of contracting various illnesses. AC cleaning and maintenance are therefore essential both before and after the AC season.

Bacterial growth and molds in the AC air ducts are the main culprits. So, if your AC stinks, have it cleaned. But first, what’s the source of this foul odor, exactly? Let’s take a look at it.

Here are different smells that come out of your ACs and the reason behind them.

1. Dirty Sock Syndrome

Stinky socks or feet smells are usually detected when an air conditioner is dirty or clogged. Sitting water that doesn’t drain properly collects odors because it doesn’t drain properly. It can be resolved with a thorough, professional cleaning.

2. Gunpowder Smell

You may notice a burning smell coming from your air conditioner if the fan motor or circuit board shorted out. Having an HVAC contractor, like Air Conditioning Repair in Irvine, CA, repair your unit is the best way to get rid of it, keep your unit working correctly, and avoid any dangers.

3. Skunk Odors

Most of the time, a skunk-like odor indicates that you have a gas leak. I believe it’s due to the presence of methyl mercaptan, which has the same smell as a skunk’s spray. You should evacuate your home and call a heating and cooling company as soon as possible to fix the problem.

4. The Smell of Exhaust Fumes

You don’t have a gasoline-powered air conditioner, so many people are concerned about where this type of odor could come from. The exhaust fume odor is caused by fluid leaks in your air conditioner’s engine and other parts. In the event of fluid leaks, call a Raleigh professional for assistance.

5. Rotten Egg Smell – A Red Flag

An animal’s corpse is usually to blame when your home smells like rotten eggs. If you have birds or rodents in your air duct during the winter, they could die and begin to decompose. Your house fills with a foul smell when you turn on the air conditioner. Professional cleaning is required to remove any animal remains from your vents and to eliminate the odor.

6. Mildew Odor

Chances are if you smell mildew or fungus, it’s growing in or near your air conditioner. After all, air conditioners cool your home while removing excess moisture. Mold can quickly grow in areas with standing water if the humidity isn’t properly drained.

Dirty filters can also emit a mildew odor. The best way to get rid of the smell and improve the air quality in your home is to call an HVAC technician trained in dealing with mold, mildew, and fungus.

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