Furnace Guide and Knowledge

One of the most important factor to consider for a furnace in order to have the right heating unit for your home is to know some of the basics of furnaces and heating systems. Heating systems are mandatory for every home and need to be maintained yearly by professional and qualified company .
South county air services can provide an excellent and pleasant experience for installations, repairs, and services of any kind of heating unit in orange county area
Heating units are classified by BTU (BRITISH THERMAL UNIT) and defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit .
Minimum efficiency for residential furnaces are 80% AFUE (ANNUAL FUEL UTILIZATION EFFICIENCY) VS up to 98.7% AFUE . In standard efficiency furnaces, 80% of the energy produce by natural gas and heating home and the remaining 20% is expelled as exhaust, so having a Higher efficiency furnace means saving more money and wasting less energy

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Central Heating-Furnace-HVAC

Central Heating System and Furnace

There are several types of furnace is available but most common furnace in southern California is natural gas , and electric furnace
1.Natural gas furnace 
2.Electric furnace 
3.Propane and electric furnace 
4. Oil furnace 
South county air services can make this choices easy by helping home owners take the best option and heating element that is right for you.

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Heating Efficiency Factors

Absolutely when you buy any appliance in the modern day, they come with several options and efficiencies that can save you energy, money, and guaranty longevity for the product
what should home owner know when it comes to replacing heating unit is :
location of furnace 
furnaces come with several options and features ranging from 80% up to 98.7% Single stage heating or two stage heating. The blower fans come at the single, multi, or variable speeds.
Single-stage furnaces only have full blast for the setting. When this furnace is working its blowing hot air into your home and Heat elements can’t be change or reduce (always is on max capacity)
Two-stage furnace or heating has two different stages or levels that will be adjusted by a smart control board in the furnace . This type furnace has a gas valve that is designed for two stage heating from HI to LOW . Full blast first and then slows gas pressure which is what makes this furnace so quiet and efficient .
Single speed blower fan motors usually comes with a standard furnace
multi speed blower fan motors come with two or four speeds and are able to be change on A/C or Heating usage .
Most of the time low speed is sufficient for heating your home but when it comes to A/C multi speed blower fan motors or variable speed blowers, it can be a real  game changer
Variable speed blower fan : This is a most efficient fan and it can change your comfort completely while saving you huge money.the most quiet fan motors are ideal for people sensitive to noise because most of the time they are running on lower speeds . Based on your desired temperature, blower motors increase the speed and when they are close to reaching the temperature you have set, your thermostat control will reduce speed by itself
Heating AC efficiency
NOTE: Having a Variable speed furnace or air handler require proper ductwork and design ( HVAC ENGINEERING )
CFM is short for cubic feet per minute (cu ft/min). It is a measurement of the velocity at which air flows into or out of a space. The CFM measurement often is used in reference to a computer’s cooling system, and more typically in reference to an air-cooling system that is supporting overclocking.
Luckily in South County Air Services you don’t have to worry about this factor because of our professional technician’s provides you with a great peace of mind and we will design the best possible heating and air conditioning that suits your needs.

When is the time for replacing my furnace?

The average life expectancy of furnaces in homes today is between 16 and 20 years. If your furnace is close to this age or older, you should begin shopping. Shopping for a replacement furnace in an emergency does not allow time to make your best decision.
Safety:Don’t store anything flammable or combustible near or around your furnace to avoid a furnace fire. Keep the area around your furnace clean and unobstructed. Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home, and check to make sure it’s working properly at least once a month during the winter season
Heat Exchanger or firbox:A furnace’s heat exchanger is a set of tubes or coils that are looped repeatedly through the air flow inside your furnace for the purpose of heating air. Simply put, the furnace heat exchanger is the part of your furnace that actually heats the air


Behshad was great to work with from beginning to the end from the initial diagnostic of my leaking horizontal evaporator coils to its replacement.  He guided me through many troubleshooting tips, explained how each component worked, and answered many of my questions each step of the way.  He was very proactive in helping me find the necessary replacements for my system (parts are in short supply and back ordered due to covid19) and was very quick at responding through text message.   During the in home visits for both the diagnostic and replacement, masks were worn (for covid19), protective foot coverings were worn, and extra cloth was laid out near the work area (to keep my carpet clean).  I found my experience very educational and would definitely recommend him for HVAC repairs.

Michael C., posted in Yelp.com

Behshad responded quick and showed up with PPE for COVID-19, and he put on shoe covers before entering our house! This is nice cause the other folks  who we’ve hired for other services frequently ignore shoe covers. We got a 2 year old running around on the carpet, so we’re really sensitive to that.

Also, throughout his time helping us, he was very nice and professional. In the end, we discovered my attempts to fix things actually caused more work for him, but he didn’t get upset, lol. He was able to help setup our ecobee4, fix our HVAC, and he charged exactly what he quoted!

Behshad has great work ethics, and he has a great amount of integrity. Would definitely recommend him!

Jason H., Posted in Yelp.com

Behshad came out to my house to help evaluate my AC system a few days ago. For some strange reasons it would turn on but there is no cold air coming out. I was glad to find Behshad through yelp, he put me in right away for next day appt. He arrived on time with mask and practiced social distance. He was very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. He told me the problem might have been the electrical rather than with the AC itself. It turned out to be correct so it wasn’t an expensive fix. I would definitely contact him again for any problem with the AC system because I know this is an honest business and can be trusted.

Tracey N., Posted in Yelp.com

If you need HVAC services, Beshad, the owner of South County Air Services is the one person to do business with.  From start to finish, Beshad is a class act.  He is prompt, attentive, knowledgeable, trustworthy…all the inherent traits you would expect from a business (but don’t always get).

I contacted 5 HVAC companies for new installation of an AC unit, replacement of an existing heating unit, as well replacement of all ducts.  Beshad was the first to call back, we scheduled the appointment for the estimate the next day, and his quote was extremely competitive (came in less than other vendors).  The job was complete in two days and his team was punctual, professional, neat and clean.

I don’t write reviews often but chose to write one for South County Air Services in order to help other people like me.  It takes a lot of time vetting out the right contractor/company for the job, so hope this helps.  If you need HVAC services, look no more- call Beshad.

Millie B., Posted in Yelp.com

These guys are top notch. I’ve used them a few times already to fix AC problems in a couple of homes and they never disappoint. They come on time, they give you an honest quote and they do a good and solid repair.
Behshad is the man!
Not once did I feel I was being taken advantage off as I have felt from other providers in the past.

Do not hesitate to make the call and book your appointment with them.

Jose F., Posted in Yelp.com

Our air conditioning unit stopped working suddenly and unexpectedly on the Sunday before Labor Day.   We contacted several businesses to get it fixed and Behshad was the first to respond, on the same day we requested service.  He was able to come to our house to make repairs the same day.  He was very polite and friendly when he arrived, and had identified and fixed the problem very quickly.

Overall, I highly recommend him.

Kurt S., Posted in Yelp.com

My AC was not blowing cold air.  I sent out a bunch of “requests for quotes” via yelp.  Behshad was the first to reply (under 10 minutes) and immediately scheduled a time for me next day WITHOUT a consult fee (can’t believe people still do that). He came, he assessed, thoroughly explained the problem, gave me my options and pricing.  My capacitor was blown and his pricing was slightly lower than the prices I’ve gotten with other vendors.  He fixed it on the spot in under 30 min and boom, my AC is working again!
In these situations, I’m always afraid of being taken advantage of like at the mechanic or dentist.  Did not feel that way with Behshad at all.  He was very straightforward.  Would highly recommend him and would definitely use him again for HVAC needs down the road.

Gerren W., Posted in Yelp.com

I’m very pleased with my experience with South County Air Services and Behshad. He came out to diagnose our HVAC because it was making some loud noises, and was able to find a solution for us quickly and at a reasonable price. His response time to messages was super quick which is always appreciated. If you’re looking for an honest and professional company to handle your air conditioning needs, give Behshad a call.

Jeong P., Posted in Yelp.com

Found company thru Neighbors app. Highly recommend by few of my neighbors. Good call! Beshad called to inform us his arrival. He arrived on time. Very friendly. He came bc our home inspector said we needed repair. Home inspector inspected wrong unit. Beshad didn’t charge extra for looking at the other unit before looking into ours. Everything was fast and easy. Thanks Beshad!

Kat H., Posted in Yelp.com

Beshad was prompt, courteous, professional, and a pleasure to do business with.

Professionalism doesn’t get any better than South County Air Services!

Dwaine W., Posted in Yelp.com

Behshad the owner not only responded my request fast but also fit me into his schedule the same day. He was there on time and had all things done in a timely professional manner. Of course, the most important thing is his cost is very responsible. It’s really nice to find a business that makes you feel that he has your back. Thanks again Behshad!

Kathleen C., Posted in Yelp.com

Our AC went out on the hottest day of the year! I called four different places and was told they could come in three weeks! That was not going to work. I called South County Air services and not only were they able to come within the hour but the owner showed up and fixed the AC in a matter of minutes! Thank you so much Behshad! You have a customer for life!

David G., Posted in Yelp.com

Of course our AC stopped working during a heat wave. Behshad responded promptly to our plea for help. He was professional, honest, and shared our sense of urgency for this to be repaired because we have a young baby. If you need help with your AC Behshad is great! I will recommend him to anyone in need of AC repairs. Thanks Behshad!

Robert B., Posted in Yelp.com

Behshad was the 1st person responded to my yelp service request.
He contacted me within 15 minutes and came to do the service within 2 hours window.

He recommended us what need to be done  without trying to up selling anything.
The price is reasonable. He finished within less than an hour because he knows what he’s doing!!

We get a chance to talk to him a little bit he has experienced over 15 years with the big company so no doubt about his knowledge now he become his own boss.


Jenny P., Posted in Yelp.com

Had a great experience with Behshad from South County Air Service. Called a number of companies since our air conditioning was not working and was told it would be about a week before they could come out.

After talking to South County they said would be out in about and hour.  Behshad was a good guy wearing mask and diagnosed the problem and repaired with a new part within 15 minutes.

Would highly recommend you give them a call.

James A., Posted in Yelp.com

Great experience, very reasonable price, professional, very timely service, extremely efficient communication. And they wear masks and shoe covers!!

My AC broke down on Friday PM, I contacted the owner at 7 AM Sat  he responded immediately in 5 min, showed up on the same day. Offered me to fix it on Monday but I had to wait till wed due to my schedule conflict. On the day of replacement, one of the workers got sick, the owner had to take his worker to ED, AND they still finished the work in time. Very impressive service. Highly recommend this service.

Sujin L., Posted in Yelp.com

I realized my AC was down and heat wave was going to hit over the next few days. Behshad answered promptly and was able to fit me into his schedule since he had finished early with an appointment nearby. He quickly diagnosed the problem to be a bad capacitator. He replaced the part and was done within the hour! I’ll definitely be reaching out to him for all future HVAC needs.

Daniel T., Posted in Yelp.com

Outstanding work. Went above and beyond expectations. Behshad is the best. I would absolutely use them again. Thanks Paul Payne

Paul P., Posted in Yelp.com

Behshad was timely and knowledgeable. Great service for a great price. Highly recommended in south county area.

Ethen Z., Posted in Yelp.com

The AC at my condo broke down last fall and because it was cooler weather it wasn’t imminent to get it repaired. Fast forward to the Summer 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic with temperatures in the 80 and 90s in Laguna Hills uggh It was time to get the AC assesses and repaired since we are in self-quarantine and was tired of being sweaty in the Orange County heat. I could’ve gone to almost any HVAC company but was so thankful I stumbled across South County Air Services. From the moment Beshad contacted me and told me the service fee, which was reasonable compared to other companies, I agreed to have him come
out and to my surprise he was available the same day. When he arrived, he was prompt, friendly and immediately started to assess the thermostat, the unit itself and then the AC fan located downstairs. Oh he even came with a mask which was a plus given we are dealing with CoronaWithin minutes, he diagnosed the problem, made recommendations on how to repair it, which was within my budget and fixed it in less than an hour!! Voila! Beshad had the AC working and has a one year warranty! He was extremely professional and honest and didn’t try to upscale or claim the AC has to be replaced like other HVAC companies do. If your looking for quality customer service and an honest assessment  with a reasonable price, I strongly recommend South County Air Services and Beshad is the best!

Malia D., Posted in Yelp.com

Behshad is a professional. Prompt and polite and most importantly honest businessman. When you call on yelp you don’t know who you will be dealing with. But Behshad came in look at my busted AC unit and went right into the repair process. If you need AC repair Behshad is the guy to call on. Thank you Behshad!

Tony K., Posted in Yelp.com

Behshad was very friendly and offered some great advice on maintaining our AC and a quick, affordable repair of our problem.

He responded to my inquiry within minutes and was at our home within a short time. Will definitely call again for our A/C and heating needs.

Todd A., Posted in Yelp.com

Behshad is quick in response and delivers a great job. The problem is common within my community and Behshad lets us know exactly what we need and repair in half an hour. His rate is reasonable and the unit is back to working now. Highly recommend!

Ho M., Posted in Yelp.com

Mr Behshad is Very professional honest and reasonable, he knows the job, finish quickly. Highly recommended.

Syed M., Posted in Yelp.com

We had problems with lack of cool air when we turned on the air so I called Beshad through yelp yesterday. He responded instantly even when he was on a service call and came over to review our aircon system maybe in 2 hours. He diagnosed the problem,  ordered the OEM part and got the problem done giving me a 2 year warranty….double the warranty normally given!! He treated me like family with his courtesy. I will not have ANY hesitation to refer him to all my contacts and friends. Thank you Beshad. Best regards and stay safe and secure. Sharad.

Sharad R., Posted in Yelp.com

Thank you so much Behshad for your professionalism and expertise in your field. My air unit literally took a crap last night, messaged south county air around 830 am Behshad was here by 10am, my air was fixed and house was cool by 1115am. Reasonable prices, great customer service.

Nicole G., Posted in Yelp.com