Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Paying Any Heed To Your Thermostat

Your furnace and the thermostat share an important relationship. When you set a particular temperature on your thermostat, you expect your thermostat to direct the furnace to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. And that it does. It guides your furnace on the temperature settings and tells it when to start the heat cycle and when to stop. Based on the direction of the thermostat, your furnace provides a warm and welcoming temperature.

But what if one day the two of them decided to break up? What can be the possible causes behind your furnace not listening to the thermostat? Read on to know.

  • The Issue With the Power Source

    Mostly, the problem can be as minor as the batteries of the thermostat. Many digital thermostats of today work on standard batteries. All you have to do is change the battery, and voila! You must also check the power at the furnace.

  • A Mismatched Pair

    Is your thermostat right for the model of furnace you are using? An appropriate thermostat is essential for the efficient working of your furnace. Make sure that your thermostat matches your furnace in terms of capacity. If the thermostat is not suitable for your furnace, a miscommunication between the two is obvious. To ensure you have a suitable thermostat for your furnace, you should do thorough research or call a professional for the best advice.

  • Check the Setting of the Thermostat

    If you have a programmable thermostat, see if the settings of the thermostat are set right. Make sure that the setting is turned to ‘heat’ mode. Also, check if the temperature is what you want to have in your room. Increase the temperature if you feel that the temperature is too low for your comfort.

  • Faulty or Old Wiring

    Your thermostat is connected to your furnace through wires. Over time, these wires may loosen. If your furnace stops working all of a sudden, this might be the reason. In other cases, the wire might be old and worn out, or the wiring system might be faulty. These can result in your furnace not responding to your thermostat. You can contact a technician for heating repair in Irvine, Ca, to resolve this issue.

  • Clogged Air Filters

    Your air filters remove dust and dirt from the air before it is heated by the furnace. Over time, the dust gets accumulated on these filters and clogs them. As a result, the furnace takes much longer than usual to heat the room. Thus, the room doesn’t come to the desired temperature for a long time. Cleaning your filters regularly and changing them at regular intervals can save you from costly heating repairs in Irvine, Ca.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker

    At times, the problem may be a tripped circuit breaker. If due for some reason, it trips, your furnace might stop working all of a sudden. In such cases, check all the breakers and see if they are in the appropriate condition.

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