Possible Causes For A Blown Fuse

As you know, a furnace has numerous parts that work together for a comfortable indoor temperature. However, some parts outside it contribute to its efficient working, one of which is its fuse. A fuse is an important part of a furnace.

A fuse is necessary because if it blows, your furnace will stop working altogether. A blown fuse does not allow your furnace to start working, due to which your comfort suffers. For furnace repair services in Mission Viejo, contact South County Air Services when you detect a blown fuse.

Possible Causes For a Blown Fuse

  • Dirt and Dust

Dust is the biggest enemy of almost all parts of your furnace. The primary reason to contact our technician for annual maintenance is to remove dirt and dust from your system. Dirt and dust can damage your system in numerous ways, like blowing up your fuse.

Ensure that you keep your furnace and its internal and external parts clean. An extensive cleaning session for your furnace once a month should ensure you do not face problems related to dust.

  • Wiring Problems

Your furnace has hundreds of wires that circulate electricity throughout the system. If any single wire faces damage, your whole furnace can suffer. Similarly, if the fuse connected to your furnace frequently blows, there may be some problems with the system’s wires.

You should contact our professional technician who provides furnace repair services in Irvine, CA, to fix wiring problems. No matter how many tutorials you watch on fixing wiring issues, it would help if you trust only a professional.

  • Old Parts

With time, the parts of your furnace face wear and tear damage. No number of repair jobs can bring back the lost efficiency of these worn-out parts. Due to these old parts, your furnace cannot warm your home efficiently. If it continues for a long time, the fuse connected to your furnace may blow unexpectedly.

You can avoid this situation by contacting our technician timely for the annual servicing of your furnace. You can also avoid this problem by replacing your furnace when it reaches old age. Instead of forcing your worn-out system to work, you should get a new one.

  • Wrong Size

If you recently bought a furnace and its fuse frequently blows, it could be possible that your new furnace is of the wrong size. A wrong-sized furnace will work inefficiently, and all parts of your system will suffer, including its fuse.

You should contact our technician for furnace repair services in Irvine, CA, to confirm whether your furnace is of the right size or not. If our technician says that the furnace is the wrong size, you should find the right-sized furnace and get it for your home.


Although these are the most common reasons why the fuse of your furnace blows frequently, there are many other reasons for the same cause. You should consult a professional HVAC company if these reasons do not satisfy your condition.

South County Air Services will ensure your furnace and other HVAC appliances do not trouble you in the future. Contact us at (949)-933-3130 for the best furnace repair services in Mission Viejo.