Is Your AC Drain Clogged? We Can Help You.

Your air conditioning unit at home traps all the dust, debris, pollutants, and other airborne particles. The air needs to get filtered before it enters the condensation coil. The buildup of these particles on the filter is the prime cause of drainage pipe failure. A drainage pipe is an essential component in the HVAC systems responsible for collecting and removing moisture during the cooling process. If your AC Drain is clogged due to any reason, it will affect the overall functioning and cooling efficiency of your HVAC System, demanding costly AC repair in Mission Viejo

Recognizing Early Signs Of AC Drain Clogging

Below are some initial signs of an air conditioner drain clogging.

Water Pooling and Related Issues:

The most important early sign of AC drain clogging is water dripping from either indoor or outdoor systems or both. Wet walls, damp walls, and discoloration due to water seeping are prime signs of clogging. It is essential to contact your heating and cooling technician and request a service appointment to prevent further damage.

System Failure or Total Shutdown

Water pooling further damages other essential components. Anonymous shutting off the AC unit is the prime sign of system failure. Do not try to restart it repeatedly as it can further damage the electrical circuits leading to short cycling. 

Cooling Inefficiency

During the cold seasons, moisture clogged in the AC drain eventually freezes and further obstructs the flow. The formation of an ice ledge can damage the internal components of your HVAC system and reduce the cooling efficiency.

Foul Smell and Bacterial Growth

Pooling water is promotive for the growth of harmful bacteria, mosquitoes, and fungi. A clogged pipe serves as a nidus for the growth of toxic species that must be cleaned and thoroughly inspected by an HVAC technician.

What To Expect From Your HVAC technician?

An HVAC technician will provide you with a professional assessment of your AC unit and then clear all the debris from the clogged pipe using professional techniques.

Routine Service Maintenance By Our Professional Team

  • Switch Off the AC Unit to ensure safety from electrical shocks.
  • Inspection of the Drainage Line. Your HVAC technician will inspect for any pooling of water. The aim is to clear the condensation coil from any moisture.
  • Unclogging the Drain Line, using vacuum pumps, wet vacs, garden hose, etc., helps suction the clogged mass inside the drain line.
  • Cleaning the Drain Line, using mild cleaning chemicals like vinegar that helps in removing bacteria, smug, or any smear layer present. Cleaning should be a part of the periodic maintenance of your HVAC unit.
Maintaining your HVAC system can be tedious and expensive. Regular maintenance helps identify small underlying malfunctions at an early stage and can reduce the cost and extent of the damage. Contact our expert crew today to schedule a customer-friendly, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly AC tune-up Mission Viejo appointment if you detect any of the above signs of AC drain clogging. For more details, reach our experts at South Country Air Services at (949)-933-3130.