How To Know If My Furnace Filter Needs Changing?

Most people wouldn’t care about their furnace air filters very often, but they are one of the most crucial components of ensuring that the air quality is as good as it can be. The problem is people not knowing when it’s time to switch their filters, so they put it off until they notice dust-caked and debris blowing from their air ducts, which is often several months later. However, this is not a good practice, and you must routinely call experts for maintenance or furnace repair in Mission Viejo.

Common Signs That Indicate Its Time to Replace The Filters

Here are some common indicators that it is time to upgrade your filter –

  • The Filter Appears to be Filthy

When it comes to updating your air filter, never get fooled by its appearance. The filter’s total area captures pollutants floating in the air, which stick to the filter material. When the filter’s surface appears dull and dirty, it’s time to update it.

  • Air Quality Deterioration

While the HVAC filter gets designed to protect sensitive system components from damage done by dust and debris buildup, it also improves indoor air quality. Moreover, it reduces contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen, and animal hair from the air that flows all through the home.

Once the filter gets clogged, it can no longer retrieve new particles. Also, when your filter reaches this stage, consider the quality of your ambient air to understand if it requires a replacement.

  • A dirty Residence

For the same reasons that a dirty filter reduces indoor environmental quality, a dirty filter can contribute to a more polluted, filthier home environment. Dust is an indication that your furnace filter needs to be: replaced.

Without the ability to draw pollutants from the home’s ventilation system, these molecules are free to spread through the air conditioning system and back into the living areas. Airborne particles become dislodged and settle on the outer surface throughout the home, resulting in visible dust.

  • Increased Energy Costs

When the HVAC filter is clogged, air circulation through the heating and cooling system- is significantly reduced. A clogged filter can prevent the system from receiving the airflow it requires to function accurately, forcing the system- to expend more energy as it attempts to draw air through this impediment.

Operating in this state will increase the cost of heating and cooling your home. If you notice a sudden increase in your electric bills with no apparent cause, a clogged filter could be the culprit. Moreover, replacing your filter reduces the power consumption of your furnace system.

  • Inadequate Airflow Through Air Ducts

A clogged filter also reduces the amount of air that enters your home. You may notice there is insufficient airflow through supply ductwork and that your home is not as cozy as you would like. Monitoring indoor comfort conditions is one way to tell if your furnace filtration system needs to be changed.

If you are lately experiencing any of the indications above, you must, without any delay, call experts for maintenance or furnace installation in Irvine, CA. At South County Air Services, we can help you save money on your HVAC repairs, tune-ups, or installation. To book a service session, give us a call at (949)-933-3130.