How To Do An AC Tune-Up To Save On Energy & Repair Bills?

Are you wondering why you are receiving a spiked electricity bill every month in the summer season when you have decreased your AC usage? The AC service in Mission Viejo might resolve your query within minutes.

Have you scheduled maintenance services for your AC system recently, or is your AC system waiting for maintenance services for an indefinite time? If the latter is your answer, then your air conditioning system is to blame for the increase in your bill.

AC Tune-Up and Maintenance is The Answer to Reducing The Electricity Bills

Maintenance services keep the AC system in fit and healthy condition. You will efficiently eliminate all the dust and debris blocking the way, and you will lower all the expenses simultaneously.

In an AC tune-up service, the technician checks all the aspects of the AC system to repair issues and performs preventive measures to avoid further problems. Also, if your services have degraded over time, AC tune-up service might come in handy!

Tips to quickly tune-up your AC System

Below are listed a few tips from the AC repair in Mission Viejo to quickly and efficiently tune up your AC system without any hassle.

Replace The Air Filter

Changing the air filter after three months is excellent to keep the indoor environment and system healthy. According to the experts, the dusty air filter is behind most AC repair problems.

Check The Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are the place where heat exchange happens, and the compressed refrigerant makes space to extract heat from the indoor air. If the coil’s surface is dusty, it hampers the process efficiency.

Check the Circuit Board and Electrical Wires

With time, the insulation cover on the electrical wires gets worn down, leading to electrical problems like a short circuit, sparking, and even tripping down the AC fuse. So, it is essential to check the wires and if you find any issues, contact the AC repair in Mission Viejo to perform the service to avoid electrical haphazard.

Inspect the Condensate Drain Line

Blockage in the condensate drain line can affect refrigeration, and water starts dripping from the AC unit. Moisture inside the pipe can support the growth of mold and algae inside the pipe.

Clean the Outside Unit Surroundings

Trim the foliage around the outdoor unit and remove the external debris that can slip inside the AC unit and create havoc.

A Glance at the Duct System and Refrigeration Tubes

The Duct system is responsible for almost 30% of the energy loss. So, a gap or holes in the duct system or the refrigeration tubes can cause inefficiency issues. Do not use duct tape over the damaged ducts or tubes.


Maintenance services work their magic when called every year two times. The best way to schedule the maintenance and AC tune-up service is to call the AC service in Mission Viejo in the spring season. You should call the AC tune-up service technician when the summer retreats. Call South County Air Services to schedule AC tune-up services.