How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Furnace?

Stepping into the warm atmosphere of the home after spending a long ride in the cold feels like heaven. Our furnace plays a significant role in creating that heaven for us. We shall have regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups from experienced professionals to ensure that it works efficiently throughout the season, without breaking down in between. But nothing can last forever. We should look for a heating replacement at Mission Viejo after a certain time of its installation or if we notice specific signs.

Read on to know about some indicating factors for your heating replacement at Mission Viejo.

  • Age of the Furnace

    How long has it been when you got your furnace installed? Generally, a properly maintained furnace can last for around 15 to 20 years. In some cases, even more. But the older furnaces are of older technology and consume more electricity than the ones with recent technology. You should think about searching for a good heating company near me if you wish to replace your furnace.

  • Loud Noises Coming from the Furnace

    The gentle sound coming from your HVAC appliance is normal. However, if you notice some abnormal, loud noise coming from your furnace, you might want to look into it. If there is any problem with the appliance, it starts making rattling, banging, screeching, thumping sounds, depending upon the problem. While some sounds might indicate minor tune-ups, others suggest that a heating replacement at Mission Viejo is due.

  • Frequent Maintenance and Repairs

    It is good to have regular maintenance of your furnace. Ideally, you shall have two maintenance sessions every year. The first session shall be before the advent of winters, and the second shall be after the season. But, there can be times when your furnace needs frequent maintenance sessions. Moreover, the price of this maintenance and repairs is also increasing. If you feel like you are paying way too much for the maintenance and tune-up of your furnace, you should probably start looking for a heating replacement at Mission Viejo.

  • High Electricity Charges

    Like the air conditioners, the furnace also increases electricity bills once they get old. After a period, the parts of the furnace wear out, and the friction increases. The furnace has to work a lot harder to heat the room to the desired temperature. As a result, a lot more energy is consumed, and hence the hike in electricity charges. If you notice an abnormal increase in electricity charges during the winter, it is time for you to consider replacing the heater.

  • The Colour of the Flame is Yellow

    The furnace, which is in good condition, has a clean blue flame for heating your room. However, if the burners radiate yellow-colored flames, it indicates that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. It might also indicate that there is an improper combustion process or a gas leak. So, yellow flame mixed with gas odor means that it is high time you looked for a trusted heating company near me.

    Reach out to us at South County Air Services to get the best heating replacement at Mission Viejo. We are a group of highly experienced HVAC technicians that will cater to all your needs.