8 Air Conditioner Problems And How To Fix Them

It is not unknown to you that most homes in the USA have air conditioner systems. To have AC in the scorching summer is a real blessing, however, as a homeowner, you must take care of your cooling system, so it doesn’t break down in the middle of nowhere. It is therefore essential to have contact with a professional AC repair service in Mission Viejo, if you live in the area.

8 Problems That Your AC May Encounter And Learn How To Fix Them

Clogged Air-filters

It is common to come across clogged air filters in the AC these days. Due to constant usage, the air filters start collecting dirt, and this problem leads to warm air coming throughout the vents.

To solve this problem, gently use water to wash and clean your air filters. You can also replace the air filter. At this point, we suggest you choose the best AC repair service in Mission Viejo.

Malfunctioned Thermostat

It is not uncommon to find your thermostat malfunctioned at any time. It may not give you the right temperature as per your command. This will lead to unresponsive AC, too, at times.

To deal with this problem, you can install a smart thermostat to work for your AC efficiently. You can also try recalibrating the thermostat once and check if it is running okay. After this, if you still find any complications, you should contact a professional AC repair technician in Mission Viejo.

Bad Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality must be high to stay comfortably at home. Degraded air quality means dirty vents, low refrigerant, clogged condenser coils, etc.

Try cleaning these parts one by one with a clean cloth. You can also use low-pressure water to remove debris and approach a professional AC service provider in Mission Viejo.

Unknown Noises

There might be a low sound if you have a central HVAC system at home. If this turns out to be noise, this can happen due to fan blades, motor, or compressor.

While you can check fan blades on your own, you may face difficulty dealing with compressors or motors. You must contact a reputed AC repair service in Mission Viejo to deal with this noise.

Foul Smell

A foul odor is due to poor air quality or dirty air filters. Moisture might get trapped inside the vents of your HVAC system.

While you can clean these parts of your AC, you must hire a professional AC service in Mission Viejo to take care of you once and for all.

Constant Automatic Cycling

This problem refers to the situation when your AC is turning itself on and off within minutes.

You can check the air filter or any leakage in your system. If you do not find any physical problem, you should hire a skilled technician to help you out in this situation.

Your Outdoor Unit Is Unresponsive

Since this unit remains outside your home, it may encounter problems like debris collection, wear and tear, and loose wire.

Approach the problems with protection in hand to understand them better.

Maintenance Due

If the AC maintenance is due for a long time, problems will arise gradually. Sometimes, non-maintenance can lead to costly replacement services. Opt for a reputed AC service in Mission Viejo for better maintenance assistance throughout the year.


Now that you know some common AC problems and how to deal with them, we still always want you to be careful and suggest choosing the best AC service company in Mission Viejo – South County Air Services.

With our comprehensive support system, we will solve your HVAC problem. Call us today, and let’s make your AC healthy again.