5 Warning Signs It Is Time To Replace Your AC

In these uncertain times, the air conditioning system needs a replacement before completing ten years. According to AC replacement in Mission Viejo, an air conditioning system works for more than 11 years if it is properly maintained.

Five Alarming Signs That Speak To You About Your Necessary Condition Of The AC System

According to the AC installation in Mission Viejo, you could have prevented the breakdown if you had noticed the repair signs. Here are some signs that indicate your AC system needs immediate attention:

Higher Utility Bills

When you receive a high electricity bill, according to AC replacement in Mission Viejo, inspect the AC system. Due to the following issues, the air conditioning system starts to take more electricity:

  • Compressor
  • malfunctioning
  • Blocked air filters
  • Dusty condenser coils
    Exhausted AC system

No Or Less Air From The Vents

If the AC system does not get maintenance service for months, the dust and dirt accumulate inside the vents and the air filters. If your AC system is maintained, but there are inefficiency issues, the AC parts have worn down, or refrigerant levels are low.

Increased Humidity Levels

Apart from blowing cool air, the AC system’s responsibility is to dehumidify the air. If you have to call an external whole-house dehumidification service, then ask the AC installation in Mission Viejo to check the unit.

Loud Noises From The AC System

An air conditioning system cannot work without producing sounds, but not all noises are signs of operating. Some sounds are an indication of an issue building inside the system. Some of them are:

  • Loose mechanical bolts inside the AC system produce rattling noise.
  • Issues in the fan blade or motor are detected by screeching noise.
  • Electrical buzz noise means issues in the circuit board.
  • Clicking noises indicates issues with the thermostat or AC fuse.

Rusty Mechanical Parts

If you see the mechanical bolts and refrigeration coils have rusted, it is better to replace the systems because rust eats away the metal. Cracks easily develop in the rusted metal coils, increasing the chances of refrigeration leakage.

Tips From Experts To Avoid Early AC Replacement Service

It is necessary to understand that expert tips and advice will only delay the replacement service, but you will have to discard the old AC unit one day. So, here are some tips to increase the service period of the AC system:

  • Keep the thermostat’s temperature constant almost all the time.
  • Clean the outdoor AC system’s surrounding area tidy and clear from debris, foliage, and small wild plants.
  • Install a sunshade over the outdoor AC system to prevent the sun rays from affecting the AC functioning.
  • Invest in a disposable and effective air filter that you can replace after three months.
  • Use a ceiling or portable fan along with the AC system to reduce the workload on the AC system.


If you are tired of hearing your AC system make noises while working or the AC system disturbs your sleep, it is better to replace the AC system.

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