Your Poor Health Could Be A Sign Of Poor Air Quality

The purity of the air all across your house is referred to as indoor air quality. You can Google “air quality testing near me” and hire a reliable service to know the air quality in your house. Air quality may help or hurt a home’s livability. Indoor air quality is important because it helps a home seem fresh and healthy, whereas poor indoor air quality can lead to illnesses and irritation.

Short-Term Effects Of Poor Air Quality

When anything hazardous is circulated through the HVAC system, it becomes polluted. Dirty vents, insect infestations, carbon monoxide leaks, and other factors can all contribute to this. To minimize health concerns, it is critical to limit contaminants in the air to a minimum. When air contaminants are inhaled, they can have an immediate negative impact on one’s health. These effects, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), include:

  • The discomfort of the eyes, nose, or throat
  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Increased asthma symptoms

This is why when you Google “air quality testing services near me,” experts recommend having long-term testing in mind.

Long-Term Effects Of Poor Air Quality

Long and complex negative effects of air pollution, according to the EPA, can appear years after inhalation or after prolonged or repetitive exposure periods. Long-term negative health consequences might include cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease.

Furthermore, frequent exposure to dangerous chemicals might result in sensitization. All through your life, however, you are exposed to a wide range of chemicals. As a result, attributing these ailments to long-term exposure to bad indoor air is much more difficult.

What To Do If You Notice The Symptoms?

When you start to detect symptoms of poor air quality, eliminating the contaminant source or distancing oneself from the origin might be a rapid fix. If the symptoms go away, they are most likely caused by air pollution.

Unfortunately, pinpointing the specific cause isn’t always simple. There might be numerous sources, or your health problems could be caused by a combination of air contaminants. As a result, removing one source may not be enough. This is when you must search “air quality testing services near me” on Google.

Common Reasons For Poor Indoor Air Quality

A variety of contaminants can degrade air quality, including the following:

  • Mold
  • Debris, dirt, and dust
  • Bacteria
  • Paints and cleaners that are toxic
  • Tobacco and cigarette smoke are both harmful
  • Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Asbestos

Do All People React To Poor Air Quality?

Not everyone is afflicted by the same signs to quite the same degree as with any other occupational disease. Some people may be more sensitive than others. In fact, some persons who are subjected to more pollutants develop symptoms sooner than others. As air quality worsens and/or exposure time lengthens, more people are affected, and the symptoms become more severe.

Indoor air quality is vital to your health. Therefore, you need to ensure your house has pure air to breathe in. South County Air Services can help you with this. Get the best filter replacements which are common for causing bad air quality. Call us at (949)-933-3130.