Why Does Your Heat Smell Like Burning When You Turn It On?

Almost every homeowner in California is getting ready to switch on their furnaces for the season as we approach winter and weather begins to drop. However, the last thing you would want this freezing season is your furnace greeting you with an uncomfortable burning smell when you increase the temperature on your thermostat in the hopes of warming up your home.

Hence if you notice an intense burning stench from your heating system, it indicates a potentially serious problem that requires immediate heating repair in Irvine, CA, services.

What Induces a Burning Smell in Your Furnace?

Below are some reasons that induce a burning smell in your heating system.

  • The Heater Has Dust on its Internal Parts

Dust accumulation on your heating system’s internal parts is the most likely culprit of a burning smell when you initially switch on your heater. For homeowners who reside in an area with frequently changing seasons, the furnace is unlikely to get utilized all year.

Also, during the months when your furnace is not in use, dust and dirt accumulate on its internal components. When you switch on your heating device for the initial time after an extended period without using it, the dust starts to burn off, leaving a burning plastic odour in the house.

Fortunately, dust accumulation on your furnace is rarely a reason for concern, as the smell should dissipate once the dust has burned off. Examine your unit and look for any dust accumulation without touching it.

Allow your device to run continuously for around 10 minutes to observe whether the smell subsides or goes away if you feel dust is the source of your problem.

  • Burning Particles in the Heating Element

If you have centralized heating and cooling, it might be a possibility that an object dropped into your HVAC equipment or the ductwork of the unit when it wasn’t in use.

Also, if you have central heating with multiple vents throughout your place, try to isolate the burning smell into a single room. If you think only one particular room holds a burning stench, the odds are that there is something caught inside your vent.

Moreover, if you can locate the odour source, try to approach the vent and look inside. Upon looking inside, you might find a toy, a heating system component, or another thing caught inside. Remove the item from your vent as safely as possible, then wait to see if the burning smell from the heater persists.

  • Air Valves or Dirty Heater Filters

Maintaining your gas furnace is critical for preventing a burning odour from escaping from your heater. If your furnace’s screens are dirty, or the air vents in your system are blocked, mould or mildew could form inside your heating system or ductwork. When you switch on your system, you may notice an awful- musty odour.

If you notice a foul odour coming from your heater, turn it off immediately. Then, get your air filter cleaned or repaired, and try operating it again.

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