What To Do When Your HVAC Goes Out

For most of us living in California, our air conditioning isn’t a luxury.

It feels like a necessity. With temps and 90% humidity, summers can be brutal, even when there’s a breeze.

What To Do When Your HVAC Goes Out

If you’ve ever lost power or your HVAC went on the fritz during the summer, you know how unbearable it can be.

Here are some tips on what to do when the air goes out (assuming it’s not a total power outage):

Call an HVAC Professional Immediately

While it may turn out to be a minor problem, we suggest calling a professional immediately because in California, during the summer, you could be experiencing a wait before they can service your unit.

Call a professional, get on their list, then try our suggestions below.

You can always call back and cancel if you fix the issue yourself.

Want priority appointment service?

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In addition to quicker service, you’ll also receive a discount on a new unit or system and semi-annual tune-ups.

Check Your Thermostat

If you have a faulty thermostat, your HVAC unit will not “get the message” from the thermostat that it’s time to cool down.

To rule your thermostat out, go to your HVAC unit and turn it on manually.

If it kicks on and starts to cool normally, the problem is your thermostat and one you can replace on your own, if you are so inclined.

Also, make sure no one has changed your setting on the thermostat. The setting should read “cool.”

What To Do When Your HVAC Goes Out

Check the Condensate Drain

This is one of the most common problems in California because of our high humidity.

Most air conditioners have a safety mechanism that will switch the unit off when the condensate drain becomes blocked or filled with water.

No matter what you do, that HVAC unit will not start functioning again until you empty the drain of water.

Depending on your unit, it may be as easy as removing a drip pan and dumping it or using a wet/dry vac to suck out the water.

If the condensate drain is what’s causing your issue, the unit should restart as soon as the water is drained.

Check the HVAC Unit’s Power

If the unit is completely silent and never started up, you’ll want to verify it has power.

Go to your fuse box and make sure the corresponding fuse hasn’t been tripped.

If resetting it doesn’t work, you may need a new fuse or the help of an experienced repair technician.

These are some of the most common HVAC problems we see in California.

However, checking these items is not the only thing you should do when your HVAC goes out.

Using fans to make yourself comfortable until help arrives is a good idea.

What To Do When Your HVAC Goes Out

Also, stay hydrated. An HVAC repairman can fix your air conditioning unit easily, fixing a dehydrated, overheated person is more difficult.

Take precautions and call someone you can trust to service your unit quickly and efficiently.

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What To Do When Your HVAC Goes Out