How Often Do You Need To Service Your Heat Pump?

All heating and cooling systems require proper maintenance and regular tune-ups every year to stay in the best working condition. Getting heat pump tune-up services will help you boost the performance and efficiency of the system and prevent breakdowns.

Many homeowners use heat pumps to get cooling and heating throughout the year. As the heat pump performs the function of a furnace and AC, they require tune-ups yearly. 

How Frequently Do you Need to Service your Heat Pump?

According to the experts at South County Air Services, you should get your residential heat pump serviced at least once per year, while commercial units need servicing about two to three times a year, depending upon the usage. The best time to maintain your heat pump or service is in spring and fall. During these times, the technicians are not too busy, so you can easily schedule an appointment.

Scheduling the servicing also helps you prepare the unit before it is time to use it. It ensures that your heat pump will operate at its peak performance efficiently, and you will get a comfortable stay indoors. During the servicing, a technician can spot any potential problems that may hinder the operation of your system. 

Can you Clean the Filters, Coils, and Fan Yourself?

Cleaning the heat pump filters is a simple maintenance task that requires no professional help or HVAC services in Mission Viejo. You can clean the filters yourself and ensure to do it once a month or whenever the need arises.

When the filter fans or coils become dirty, it reduces the airflow through the heat pump, decreasing its performance. You can clean the outdoor coils occasionally or when you notice too much dirt. You can also clean the fan after turning off the power but remember to do it gently to avoid bending or damaging the fan. 

What to Expect in Heat Pump Services?

When you hire a professional to service your heat pump, you can expect him to do the following things:

  • Cleaning the fan blades or scrolls.
  • Cleaned vanes, grills, and filters.
  • Checking the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Inspecting the condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Performing test runs.
  • Testing leakages and many more.

Hire a Professional to Service your Heat Pump

Your heat pump needs regular servicing yearly to keep working in the best condition. Many homeowners often get tempted to save a few bucks and try to service the heat pump themselves. It can prove dangerous for you. The heat pump is a complex piece of machine which requires someone with proper knowledge and skills to carry out any function or task.

Even a small mistake can cause huge damage to your unit, requiring costly repairs. Thus hiring a professional or an expert who does this and has proper knowledge about the system is the best option for everyone. 


Heat pump tune-ups are necessary to keep your heat pump running safely and efficiently. Contact us today at South County Air Services to schedule any heat pump installation in Irvine, CA, at the most affordable prices.